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Try to listen to all and always be open to new ideas.

Robin khokhar is a SEO and Digital Marketing expert. He did his Bachelor’s of Computer Applications from Guru Nanak Dev University and has also done MBA. Besides being good at marketing, he is also passionate about causes like education, environment, and health.

To educate newbies about SEO and Digital Marketing, Robin decided to share his experiences by starting a blog named, Tricky Enough, on which he shares tips and tricks about internet marketing, web development, WordPress and Blogging.

Please provide a brief overview of your product/ service.

I run a Blog named www.trickyenough.com and through my blog I share tips and tricks about internet marketing, web development, WordPress and Blogging.

What inspired you to build the above product/ service?

I do internet marketing and web development and wanted to share my experience of SEO, marketing and development through blogging.

What is your life mantra?

Try to listen to all and always be open to new ideas.

What was the most challenging part of your journey till now?

The most challenging part in my journey was to reach people as quick as possible but as I was having an experience of SEO, so it helped to grow my blog as quick as possible. Although, it was very difficult to get traffic for the first three months because of the competitive niche like SEO and WordPress.

How did you overcome those challenges?

It has almost been 6 months that i am running this blog. And my biggest challenge was to get Traffic to my blog. And here are some of the things which i did to overcome the challenge and got more traffic. I followed some of the good techniques like Guest Blogging, Blog commenting and taking part in different communities, which helped me to grow my Blog and blog Traffic within next 3 months.

Share some details about the investments that you have been able to fetch for the business till now.

I need no investment for running a blog, Although, I earn from Google AdSense.

How do you protect yourself from the problem of Brain Drain?

Can’t say a thing about it.

According to you, what are the three qualities an individual must have to achieve success?

The three qualities that a person should have to achieve success are:

  1. Patience
  2. Hard work
  3. Honesty

 Which online tools/ services/ apps do you use the most and would like to recommend as well?

There are tools and Apps which I use and will recommend are:

  1. Grammarly
  2. Sumo Me
  3. Alexa Tool bar
  4. Moz Tool Bar
  5. WordPress Plugins (SEO by Yoast, Triberr, Jetpack, Wpsmush and W3total cache)

 Share any one habit which you think makes you more productive.

My reading habit makes me more productive. When I read others blog, I get many new ideas from them. And sometimes I modify those ideas to make it more productive.

 Share any one habit which you wish to change in yourself.

I don’t write regularly for my blog and from few months I am trying to write daily.

 Answer in less than 50 words

  • One tip to success:

Never give up on something you are doing.

  • One mistake you believe every individual must avoid:

Over confidence.

  • One most important lesson that you have learnt till now:

Never follow any one.

What are your plans for next 3 years?

Well, I am aiming to grow my blog a little more and help people to grow on Google through my Blog. And also looking to start workshops on SEO and WordPress for the newbie’s.

If you get a chance to start your career again what would you do differently this time?

Never though of doing this but I would like to start a restaurant.

What are your top three getaway destinations?

Goa, Kerala and Massouri

Share a quote that inspires you the most.

Never give up.

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thankyou for sharing this success story because these kind of things always inspire