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"To be successful you always have to dynamically handle the situation and keep walking towards your goal."

Ninad Dhok started his career by working for Cosmos Films LTD as an Executive Exports. Soon after that, he became Senior Executive Exports at Varroc Engineering. Over the years, Ninad has accumulated vast experience in sales and marketing for the Middle East, South African, Latin American and South East Asian markets. Being an entrepreneur at heart, Ninad co-founded two startups, Yellow Light and Green Salute. His most recent startups, Green Salute provides affordable professional doorstep waterless car cleaning service.

Please provide a brief overview of your product/ service.

Green Salute is the most affordable professional doorstep waterless car cleaning service. It is tech driven. Right now present as subscription and on-demand model. Once the customer orders his cleaning session, our cleaner goes to the customer, delivers an extensive interior and exterior waterless car cleaning session.

What inspired you to build the above product/ service?

We come from a very humble background and hail from a small town in Vidharbha region. Water was always a priced commodity and life taught us the importance of water. Fast forwarding, when the US was hit by one of the worst droughts, I saw how people adapted to waterless car cleaning. I wanted to bring this new methodology in car cleaning to India since then. We started working on the concept in Sept 2015 and formed the company in Feb 2016.

What is your life mantra?

Hard work, perseverance and fighting spirit

What was the most challenging part of your journey till now?

Sustainability is a major challenge.

How did you overcome those challenges?

After forming our company we had to think for solutions to questions like “will the customer prepay for the service” “How will the backend operations take place”.

Share some details about the investments that you have been able to fetch for the business till now.

We are in the process of raising our first round of funding. Till now, we are completely bootstrapped.

According to you, what are the three qualities an individual must have to achieve success?

To be successful you always have to dynamically handle the situation and keep walking towards your goal. You have to be a good problem solver.

Which online tools/ services/ apps do you use the most and would like to recommend as well?

We have our own backend system, that we use to run our operations.

Share any one habit which you think makes you more productive.

I think it is not the habit it is my drive to be successful which makes me productive.

Share any one habit which you wish to change in yourself.

I wish to spare more time for my family.

Answer in less than 50 words

  • One tip to success:

Dream Big

  • One mistake you believe every individual must avoid:

Please validate your product before entering market.

  • One most important lesson that you have learnt till now:

Networking – Increase your network

What are your plans for next 3 years?

Going Pan India with Green Salute

If you get a chance to start your career again what would you do differently this time?

Will not waste 14 years of my time as an employee to someone.

What are your top three getaway destinations?

Not thought about it yet.

Share a quote that inspires you the most.

Rise n Shine.

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