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"Do your bit to build a better world for the next generation."

Hradyesh Kumar Namdeo, popularly known as HK is working on his dream to create a new global business league of offering the supreme of everything to the next-gen world. HK is scholarship holder from Government of India, ChPM (USA), ICFA (London), MFP (USA).

He is a first generation entrepreneur who started his first venture at the age of 10 and fourth venture at 21. Hradyesh also holds an extensive multi-region national and international experience as Head of private and global banking with the world best banks.

Please provide a brief overview of your product/ service

Say “ Hi ” to the exclusive world of supreme luxury.

“ Hi ” is an innovation and research driven multi cluster business focusing to create next generation supreme luxury solutions and exclusive experiences. An innovative “HI” world of luxury where dreams come true and become a reality for you. “ Hi ” started its business with global introduction of “Masterpiece edition supreme luxury” concept exclusively on invitation and by unveiling its first handcrafted masterpiece edition supreme luxury car “ Morris Street ”.

“ Hi ”- World’s first handcrafted masterpiece supreme luxury car manufacturing company’ for its unique business and exclusive products holds more than 13 World records and counting.

“ Hi ” manufacture handcrafted masterpiece edition supreme luxury cars built completely in-house from scratch. Only a single piece is delivered to the respective customer and the model is never replicated or remanufactured. The owner experience and treasure the finest quality supreme luxury masterpiece edition car especially handcrafted for him. Everything at “ Hi ” happens exclusively on “Invitation” only.

In a nutshell – “ Hi ” products represents what “You” are …

“ Hi ” solution range is all about “You”, your dreams, your requirement, your desires, your choices, your panache and above all “You” as an “elite individual brand”.

“ Hi ” not only created a new product range but also created a new global luxury market segment with the introduction of its masterpiece edition offering.

Some of the “ Hi ” unique offering highlights are: “

  • Hi ” create what customer wants: – Ultra luxury market was all about limited edition offerings, which never fully satisfied the real ultra luxury customer hence; we introduced the new supreme luxury world of “Masterpiece Edition”. We create elite masterpiece edition (one in whole world) especially built for our esteemed customers and deliver exactly what they want exclusively on invitation only.

Every “Masterpiece Creation” car i.e. – single piece across the world, is handcrafted from scratch. The entire car manufacturing process including design, structure, machinery, performance, features, finish and all other segments are handcrafted as per owner’s preferences.

“ Hi ” follows the principal of in-house Innovation, creativity, research, development and change; none of the two masterpiece cars manufactured by “ Hi “ are the same. A design at “ Hi ” depicts the owners dream and identity, which we innovate and handcraft further into a real product – experienced and treasured as an exclusive masterpiece. Supreme luxury solutions – experience the supreme luxury never offered before via the Handcrafted masterpiece edition built as single piece in the world especially for you; exclusively on invitation

  • Supreme luxury solutions – experience the supreme luxury never offered before via the Handcrafted masterpiece edition built as single piece in the world especially for you; exclusively on invitation.

“ Hi ” cars are built strictly on invitation and not available through the regular sales mediums practiced around the world. Invitations request are made at “ Hi ” official website www.Hradyesh.com which is screened by the concerned team before establishing first contact with the shortlisted applicant.

  • Forget about depreciation – “ Hi ” offers solution that always appreciates in value
  • Individual brand creation – “ Hi ” creates a legacy of distinct personified brand for its esteemed clients
  • Royal experience – every experience at “ Hi ” is a supreme moment to cherish. We not only handcraft your dream into reality “ Hi ” also ensure the entire journey of ownership becomes a royal experience to treasure for generations to come.
  • Offers world of limitless solutions – “ Hi ” opens the door to the world of limitless solutions where individual dreams are handcrafted into reality.
  • “Hi World” – our philanthropy endeavor to connect both ends of the society and creating “ Hi- world ” for the next generation. Along with regular innovative socially beneficial projects “ Hi ” is committed to contribute 25% of profits to the society. “ Hi ” ensure every possible way to connect roots with the society.
  • “ Hi ” is not just a business organization – “ Hi ” is a revolution in itself molding the new “ Hi-world ” of next generation supreme luxury offering limitless solutions to its esteemed clients and the society.

What inspired you to build the above product/ service?

Anyone who experience luxury has his or her own view about what luxury is? Being part the global luxury industry for more than two decades, we realized a strong urge by individuals with reference to exclusiveness of any luxury offering. You always had the bespoke tradition to offer but that was also not exclusive in real sense.

For an individual who indulge in the finest luxury experiences offered in the world with an eye to observe intense detail deserves more … why to settle for limited editions or make compromises? Where is the innovation in luxury?

These were the initial thoughts followed by a global research study that ignited the idea of creating “ Hi ” supreme luxury offering via the “Masterpiece edition” connecting our roots with the human civilization. “ Hi ” innovated a new global luxury market segment of “Masterpiece edition” for the ultra exclusive luxury consumer to experience the supreme world of luxury never offered before in this world…

Today with more than 13 world records and counting, “ Hi ” proudly represents as “World’s First Handcrafted Masterpiece Edition supreme Luxury Company “ in the global luxury markets.

Also, India never had a super luxury car manufacturing company – “ Hi ” is India’s first and also World’s first masterpiece edition supreme luxury car manufacturing company.

What is your life mantra?

Do your bit to build a better world for the next generation …

What was the most challenging part of your journey till now?

When you are the first one to create a new global market and initiating a new global business every thing involved with it becomes a challenge. Normally, for others it even seems too difficult to just imagine that some thing like this can happen in the real world.

Building a car from scratch that too just a single piece for each customer is an extensive process and our initial interactions with the government officials, ministers, regulatory authorities and allied to explain the “ Hi ” business was far more challenging. Our business for majority was completely impossible and to let them understand our vision and business, which in their view was turning the impossible into possible. This some how became interestingly challenging for us.

How did you overcome those challenges?

To overcome the challenge we commenced some of our efforts and something automatically happened. Our solution was comparatively easier; we went ahead, created and globally launched the masterpiece edition concept and our first car.

We at “ Hi ” showcased the world, what they are missing so far and “ Hi ” can get you exactly what you want. We transformed the so called impossible thought into our “ Hi ” possible offering which automatically cleared all the dark clouds resulting an extremely promising and positive response not only within the country but from across the world. Post that there was no looking back for us.

What happened automatically was change in the government, there’s a significantly positive transformation in the government dealings both at the central and state level since Mr. Narendra Modi started leading the Indian government.

Something, which was completely impossible, we at “ Hi ” not only conceptualized it but also made it possible for the whole world.

“ Hi ” – the world’s first masterpiece supreme luxury car manufacturing company, “ Hi ” also the first super luxury car manufacturing company from INDIA marching ahead in its newly created masterpiece supreme luxury market segment. “ Hi ” a multi cluster international business is an excellent brand example of “MAKE IN INDIA” proudly holding the Indian flag high in the global luxury market.

Share some details about the investments that you have been able to fetch for the business till now.

World exclusive luxury, Research, Manufacturing and that too involving something like automobile are very niche segments and rewards accordingly. So far we are completely self-funded.

As our esteemed clients we are also very specific and particular in discussing / joining hands with individual / Angel investor or VC / PE / institutional investors sharing similar passion in exclusive luxury domain.

Interestingly we are adding value at this front too, two of the well-know active funds got so impressed by “ Hi ” that they are now amending their mandate to invest in our exclusive luxury and manufacturing space.

How do you protect yourself from the problem of Brain Drain?

If your passion is your work, you ‘ll never experience such issues …

According to you, what are the three qualities an individual must have to achieve success?

I feel you require: Power to dream, Passion to chase dream, Perseverance to turn a dream into reality.

Which online tools/ services/ apps do you use the most and would like to recommend as well?

Of course its – Hi official website: www.Hradyesh.com – highly recommended along with our official interaction points – www.facebook.com/Hradyesh and www.twitter.com/Hradyesh to remain connected with Hi supreme luxury updates.

Share any one habit, which you think, makes you more productive.

Being a habitual traveller not only enables efficient productivity but also makes me more connected with this world as one big family.

Share any one habit, which you wish to change in yourself.

None – Your habits good or bad makes you what you are as an individual, if you change them you ‘ll not be you but someone else. That’s the simple reason we at “ Hi ” offer you the supreme luxury of getting – what you want, exactly the way you want. We at “ Hi ” will continue to offer the exclusive supreme luxury so that you don’t have to change yourself…

Answer in less than 50 words.

  • One tip to success

Define your own success

  • One mistake you believe every individual must avoid

Mistake of not making mistakes

  • One most important lesson that you have learnt till now.

Begin from where other’s end

What are your plans for next 3 years?

“ Hi ” is all about creating and offering the supreme luxury never experienced before…“ Hi ” created an entirely new global luxury market and evolving it further, we have just started and for us the possibilities are limitless.

We at “ Hi ” are passionate about crafting elite supreme luxury experiences. “ Hi ” multi-cluster supreme luxury global business will continue to scale further globally in both directions vertically and horizontally expanding operations in multiple domains of its existing and new global businesses.

“ Hi ” multi-cluster luxury business comprises of supreme luxury Masterpiece editions super exclusive ultra luxury car manufacturing, Passion automobiles, Aviation, Marin, Space technology, Research and development, Innovation technology, Lifestyle, Fashion, Hospitality, Events, Motorsports and many more.

If you get a chance to start your career again what would you do differently this time?

I ‘ll use this chance differently by being indifferent to such offer …

What are your top three getaway destinations?

Svalbard- Norway, Bordeaux -France, Baia do Sancho –Brazil

Share a quote that inspires you the most.

Well this is what I say, urge and share with everyone wherever I go – “ Dream first to realize your dream ” – Hradyesh

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